You know you better than anyone else

That doesn’t mean we don’t want help getting out of our own way every now and then! I am delighted that you have found my corner of the world and look forward to supporting you on your journey of transformation. I truly believe that all true lasting change comes from within each one of us first. Therefore, choosing the coaches and mentors we invite into our lives as support is a sacred task. As a Quantum Healer and Breakthrough Alchemist, I take my role as a catalyst in your life with genuine sincerity and reverence. I hold the intention and space for you to walk into greater levels of freedom and flow in all aspects of your life!

Most everyone has had moments of getting in our own way and not knowing which voice to listen to in our heads (or if it’s even ours in the first place). We all have conditioning, old patterns and paradigms, and areas were we find ourselves doubting our ability to create the life we truly want and desire.

You have grown in your journey of going through everything you’ve experienced so far in life to get to where you are now. More than likely you have a lot positive evidence showing you how far you’ve come if you are able to take a moment to acknowledge it! When we take the time and energy to do personal inventories we are sometimes amazed at how much we have actually accomplished, with how much we have grown.

You might feel that more is possible but aren’t sure how to step into and create it in your life. You might not be feeling into the full awesomeness of You to the degree you want to. Maybe you aren’t giving yourself the personal attention you need in order to replenish your being, relax your mind, and allow for your natural transformation to unfold in divine flow and timing.

Here’s where having a guide to help you to deeply connect and reconnect to yourself becomes such a valuable tool, especially when the messages we receive are to look outward to find them instead of inward to the small voice that’s always here supporting us. 

When I’m working with a client one of my top priorities is to help them to connect with their Highest Self, their Team, to find their own answers and explore their blind-spots together. I look to where I can assist you to deepen your connection to your intuition, to tap into your natural flow of abundance, to release the struggle or past traumas, to balance your energy body and upgrade your frequency. 

Instead of trying to “fix” something you see as “wrong,” we strive to uncover the brilliance that is already here, right now. Holding up the mirrors in our lives can sometimes be an uncomfortable process. Yet, when we find the gifts in the lessons we’ve overcome or are currently going through it gets easier and easier to have quantum leaps of growth without it taking years of our lives to get there.

We are able to see the beauty of the pain we have carried and lovingly release it from our field.

Are you seeking to connect to a deeper truth inside of you?

Has so much changed in such a short amount of time is your head trying to catch up?

Are you truly ready to shed all that is no longer serving you, drop the story, and find the treasure in the lessons you’ve gone through?

If so, I’m so happy you are here and looking forward to serving your journey in whatever capacity serves you the best. You can start now by downloading one of my meditations with light language recordings for free by Clicking: HERE

The results from your effort will show themselves in the most brilliant and miraculous of ways!

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“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. When you are born a lotus flower, be a beautiful lotus flower, don’t try to be a magnolia flower. If you crave acceptance and recognition and try to change yourself to fit what other people want you to be,  you will suffer all your life. True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, have confidence in yourself.” – Nhat Hahn

Life is what You Make It

Rediscover your Magic!

Transformational growth doesn’t happen on its own,!

You can’t just keep on keeping on and watch your life go from one total reality to another!

If you could you most likely wouldn’t be exploring the coaching, personal and spiritual development worlds!
You wouldn’t be reading this right now. As life becomes more automated and ever busier it becomes easier for the norm to be living in endless task-smashing mode. How often do you stop and smell the roses? If I’m working with you, my role as your co-creative partner is to open your perspective in order to invite the quantum leaps you are seeking into your worldview.
To formulate a plan to create what you really want in life from your subjective viewpoint can be incredibly challenging undertaking. I spent years in self-study without much support because I didn’t want to rely on anyone else to find myself. When was the last time you invited yourself to imagine what is truly possible for you to enter into. We explore pitfalls, challenges, and discomfort from a sacred space and invite the energy of change into your struggles.
Feeling stuck or out of options can be incredibly frustrating. Similarly, having too many options and not knowing which road to take can leave you pulling your hair out too. A little birdie once told me:

You Can’t Get It Wrong!


All paths lead home, some just take longer than others


And you can switch paths whenever you choose

However, if you never try a different approach, the stuck cycle continues until you choose to jump onto a new road. Reach out and say hello if you want to dive into this topic a bit deeper.

Tanja James is a world renowned healer, ascension guide and sought after speaker. Through her mastery in clearing ancestral trauma, past life healings and DNA activations, she has supported 1000’s of people in over 30 countries to enjoy crystal clarity on their purpose, and feel light and divinely supported on their ascension journey.

When she is not in sessions and classes elevating her clients, you can find her roaming the forest with her daughters, whipping up something scrumptious in the kitchen, or stargazing next to an open fire.