What Tanja's Clients Are Saying

“Tanja is a kind, perceptive person and a wonderful parent coach. She helped me find my way as a single mom and as a woman. She had a significant, uplifting impact on my life that changed the way I think and feel and, ultimately, the way I am. Thank you, Tanja, for your patient wisdom and for your ability to see silver linings. From you, I learned to find them by myself and I will be forever grateful.”

Barbara C.

“I am so thankful to Tanja for helping bring me back to self love and acceptance. I have had 3 sessions with Tanja and I’m already feeling more confident within myself. I went from having fairly severe social anxiety, depression, and an overall negative sense of myself to now being able to allow the feelings to flow through me and not bottle them up inside. Through Tanja’s help and self reflection I am remembering my true nature…which is love.”

daisy B.