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Taking the Proverbial Red Pill

I was aware of the reality of “the matrix” from a young age. The “status quo’s” of life never made much sense to me. My rouge nature has caused friction with others who didn’t get it. I used to care, I don’t anymore. From my perspective the Docudrama, The Matrix, is and was a important message sent to mainstream culture. We are the ones in charge of writing the scripts to our lives, no one else, and the systems of our world that do not support this concept are committed to keeping things the way they are. 

In my opinion, we all have the right to know the underlying energies at play here on Earth school. We all have the right to study and understand our multi-dimensionality, our inner and outer worlds, and how to navigate between the two. We also have the opportunity to study the science behind it, thank God for the modern age! We can support one another in integrating our light and our dark, not pushing away what’s uncomfortable, but rather embracing it as a part of who we are, and inviting these parts of us to join the party.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, cherished, filled with wonder and meaning. We did not come “down” here to be in a never-ending struggle of absolute bullshit. We came to explore the expansiveness of our being in form. We came to ignite the fire in our soul. We came to make a difference and contribute to the growth and expansion of the world around us and in us, not be subjects in a cubicle wishing life were different!

I believe in taking the proverbial Red Pill everyday, to travel down the rabbit hole as far as I can, and to help others know they can too.

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