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Release Into Freedom

Release the past

Release the anger

Release the fears and the struggle

Breath yourself beyond it

Freedom is an inside job

Take the time to sit and wander

Allow the dream to slip in

Move through adversity with strength

Renew your sense of faith

Learn from the lessons

Jump off the wheel of pain

Surrender to a greater understanding

Free yourself from the blame

Embody a youth long forgotten

The song you were too scared to sing

The truth you’ve ignored

A voice unheard

Remember who you are:

A quiet warrior

A gentle being

Is here

Right Now

© Tanja James – 2013

This week, I stumbled upon this poem I wrote over 5 years ago. I thought it was a very timely discovery as we are transitioning out of this current Mercury retrograde cycle this weekend. 

Retrograde cycles are the perfect time to do release work. I find with myself, that I’m usually carrying around more than I think I am until I sit with it, let myself feel it in my body, then feel it fully in my heart and energy system to release it. 

Have you ever had a message and every place that your MT touches hurts more than you thought it was going to? After years of giving massage treatments I have heard this feedback over and over again. I’ve felt it too, especially after going a long time without receiving one. Our unprocessed emotions, our traumas, setbacks, failures, lessons, our stresses and worries all do the same thing. They sit there quietly until someone touches them and we react to them touching it. It’s very easy to point the finger at what just triggered us instead of looking at what’s causing the trigger in the first place. Asking what scab was just ripped off our heart is not a question most of us ask when we find ourselves in reactivity. I couldn’t count the amount of times in my life that I became the feeling instead of the observer. Most of us weren’t taught how to dialog with our emotions in order to release them or recognize our triggers as messengers and gifts.

Retrogrades are interesting in that many people are not aware of them. I saw an article from Fox News this week about something like the possible back luck and retrograde combination and laughed. Mainstream I suppose it trying to capitalize on what people are talking about and its great to see the topic getting out there. However, cookie cutter messages are what they are. I didn’t read it to find out though.

Because we are all affected by planetary and universal energies differently and have our own individual sensitivities, we don’t know how these shifts, solar flares, upgrades, downloads, etc, feel to someone else. For instance, we all see color differently. Is the shade of red you are looking at the exact same shade I’m seeing or is it different? We don’t know, and at last check, science hasn’t answered this either.

Today, we can talk about it and explore the similarities and differences of what we’re feeling and experiencing in completely new ways as opposed to even 20 years ago. In the last decade social media has had a huge impact on opening up communication channels to talk about anything we want, whenever we want, with anyone in the world. Technology has transformed our world in countless ways. Instead of using it as a distraction and/or a reason to isolate, we can choose to use it to open our understanding as much as we are willing to open it. We can also be mindful of the power of the present moment, our power to sculpt our reality, our ability to effect the whole with our own transformations.

Thanks for taking a moment out of your life to share this moment with me. Right here right now I’m sending you a blessing of release and opening toward your continued expansion and growth. You can invite my energy to connect with yours and receive it at your will, there is no time in energy medicine. Also by reading the poem out loud you can enhance the experience. 

From my heart,


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