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Becoming Friends With Your Triggers

Life unfolds differently for all of us. We each have our unique perspectives, experiences, talents, passions, and modes of being. In spite of all these differences we also have universal similarities: The desire for happiness and safety, to be able to contribute to and grow from life, to be a part of a larger whole. On our way through Earth School, (regardless if these innate traits grow with us as we mature or not) we can choose to “reinstall” them if and when needed. Triggers can take us away from being in the moment. They can stagnant our growth, or just be background annoyances that won’t seem to shut up.

One of the first steps to processing triggers from a higher vantage point is to start looking at them from a new angle. Instead of going into feeling sorry for yourself or analyzing a problem just sit with the feelings present. Ask yourself if you’re open to release it. If so, move on to the next step, if not, keep processing the feelings till they are ready to be released. Feelings are not good nor bad, right nor wrong, they can be seen as vibrational guide posts pointing to areas that are in need of attention. All feelings are valid. It’s what we do or don’t do with them that tends to become the rub.

Once you’re ready to release the lower vibration emotions, do so in whatever way works for you. Everyone is different, I use different tools for different jobs.

For example if I’m personally working on a self-doubt/procrastination pattern I use tapping (EFT) and journaling.

If I’m angry at someone, I first get centered and calm down the reactivity. Then, I choose to see the mirror they are showing me. (This is not excusing bad behavior, no one deserves to be mistreated). By asking: Where in me do I do this too? Where am I not treating myself with love, kindness, and respect? Is this an inner child part, a scared or self-righteous part, or something else? There’s no judgment in this dialogue. Just be with what comes up and be open to release it.

Triggers can be one of your biggest allies toward seeing the soul component of a struggle. The more intimate and raw you are willing to be with yourself the better. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. This does get easier with practice and can start to even become almost fun, because you begin to feel better and better the more you clear and release.

After using a clearing tool, it’s time to put a new program in place. Depending on what your goals are, your personality type, or what a certain situation is asking of you this will differ. From my self-doubt clearing example the new program I enacted was by writing in my gratitude journal each morning and evening, using a worry journal, meditating daily, various mindset strategies. Another important piece is exercising lots of self-compassion. I continue to do this as doubt pops up, and give myself homework accordingly. I also get support from my coaches and mentors when and as I need them. 

Plant seeds, watch them grow. Change does not happen overnight, learning how to communicate with your Higher Self becomes easier with practice. Eventually and with practice it can become automatic like any other skill. All parts of our humanity are beautiful. By merging all of our natures with our highest and best good, we align with our heart, mind, spirit and life becomes an entirely different canvas altogether. Taking action and holding yourself accountable to grow is a dance that can be done without being hard on yourself! You can do this without feeling like you have to get it “right”, or holding yourself back out of habit, afraid of the unknown. If you want to take this conversation further, please feel free to book a discovery call with me and we’ll talk about it.

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